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FACT: The Federal Government has been reporting that the standard unemployment rate has been dropping for four years. But, there are a few problems with their number. The primary problem is that we have record numbers of people who are not counted as unemployed because they have given up, taken jobs way below their normal, or are working part time when they want a full time job. And they usually don't mention that the average job search for a $50,000 job is about 8 months.

All of this means that most people who become unemployed have an unrealistic estimate of what they are facing.

If you are unemployed and want a better job sooner, we can help.

Our programs are designed to help you get focused and apply your time and energy in the right directions in the most effective ways. They are not a miracle cure, but they will definitely help.

You can "up your game" and start producing results sooner with the right game plan... which is the focus of our career programs.

Tom C.

"I hired Richard as a Career Coach after being unemployed for more than six months. I wish I would have hired him earlier. Working with Richard, I learned the job seeking skills necessary to land a job in what was then a tough economy for technology. To this day, I still keep in contact with Richard and actively seek his advice. My recommendation: Hire him sooner rather than later."

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