Self Marketing

Some people will say you need to create your “personal brand”. Others will guide you to develop an”elevator speech” that sounds boringly similar to your competition. And others will encourage you to move beyond resumes and job boards to promote your value by leveraging key marketing and sales strategies. Many of these suggestions come from people who have little expertise in the area in which they are advising you.

To multiply your options and guide your career toward the career income and opportunities you desire, you must do all these things… and do them very well!

A comprehensive, written self-marketing plan

As your personal career coach, we will guide you to complete a 10+ page Personal Marketing Plan that will ensure you develop a unique plan for targeting specific roles/organizations/employers, define your brand differentiation, create powerful self-selling messages, leverage your  networking contacts, craft a distinctive elevator speech, structure experienced-based stories that sell your value, and choose the most effective mix of actions… all focused on moving you forward efficiently toward your career desires.

We’re not talking about a cookie-cutter one-page “marketing plan” like the thousands generated by outplacement firms each month. This is a thorough, thoughtful, strategic document that guides specific actions.

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