Executive (and other) Resumes

Your resume is one of your primary self-marketing tools. If you are not getting offers from the companies you desire, your resume may be in the shredder instead of on the hiring manager’s desk.

Many people obsess over their resume… and for good reasons. People believe that they must have an all-inclusive resume that satisfies everyone. People get conflicting advice from those whose opinions they respect. People recognize they have not been trained in resume writing and hence feel unsure of what to do.

Resumes … food for thought

Guess what? An all-inclusive resume is not very effective. With the best of intentions, friends and family provide conflicting advice because they don’t know what they are talking about. And no one gets trained in resume writing strategies in school.. even in MBA school!

After writing hundreds of resumes over the last 12 years, spanning a wide range of job objectives and levels of experience, we get to the point immediately and create the resumes you need to get the attention of hiring managers and recruiters.