Strategic Networking

Most people think networking is about going to meetings, chit-chatting and handing out business cards. While this works if you have a few years to develop new acquaintances into deeper relationships, this doesn’t work well when you want to make a career change within a reasonable time frame.

If you are attending lots of group meetings and think you are networking effectively, you are misguided. And that will delay your progress and results. You could learn to be significantly more effective in group networking, but that would still leave you fishing in the wrong pond.

Not any old kind of networking will do

We will show you how to effectively leverage your existing relationships in a positive, strategic manner. This includes selecting who to engage, by what means to engage them, what to discuss in an initial conversation, how to generate face-to-face meetings, what agenda to follow in those meetings to gain (and give) the most value, how to coach contacts to give the most effective referrals, and how to follow up appropriately.

In short, we provide a unique and integrated strategic model for networking that maximizes results and grows your network of helpful contacts exponentially.