Job Search Strategies

Job search is like a chess match. Employers and third-party recruiters have well developed strategies. They require you to apply through web sites to anonymous postings that don’t even tell you the company name, run your resume through the wringer of an Applicant Tracking System that rates your resume versus hundreds of others, and then screen you versus the job requirements (both published and secret) before they ever give you a chance to speak with them.

If your strategy is to apply for published jobs, the odds are stacked against you. There’s just too much quality competition out there.

Following the crowd doesn’t work

There are better ways to conduct a job search. But, here’s the rub. Everyone tells you that 70-80% of jobs are found through networking, but no one gives you enough information to conduct yourself strategically in your networking. So, you decide that networking doesn’t work.

It’s true. Networking doesn’t work — IF you do it the wrong way.

Strategic networking does work, however, when done in the right way and combined with several other supporting actions like leveraging LinkedIn.