There are over 10,000 standard categorized jobs… and at least that many more that are non-standard. The odds that you are in the career that is right for you are small. Being in the wrong career can cost you happiness and income.

One of the most important components of career planning, which is often overlooked, is objective assessment of oneself and selection of career options that are possible given your education, work experience, marketable skills, income needs, and natural motivations.

There are lots of free quasi-assessments available on the internet. The problem is that using free assessments means you get what you pay for. Also, self-assessing always results in biased assumptions which lead to distorted conclusions.

The right assessment tools and process produce better results

As your personal career coach, we utilize targeted assessment tools that have verified accuracy and relevance to your fundamental career planning. Also, we provide objective interpretation of your assessment results and help you synergize and correlate the output reporting.

Our success in guiding clients is based upon a sincere desire to find the best options available, the use of reputable assessment testing, and a perspective based upon over 12 years of experience. Your goals are the beacon to guide yourself forward. Don’s skip this important step in your career planning.

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