When was the last time you searched for a job while employed, found one you liked better, and gave your employer your two week notice? Have you ever even done this at all? If not, you may be living in the past.

Whether we like it or not, the average tenure in a job these days is three years or less. Examine the resumes of two or three friends and you are likely to confirm what I am saying. As I mention in my book,

Face the facts. The employer/employee loyalty “worm” has turned. Employers were the first to abandon the longstanding unwritten contract that had promised employment security in return for employee loyalty and hard work. You don’t need to make a choice regarding abandoning this contract because it no longer exists.”

There are two basic strategies for dealing with these short job tenures. The traditional strategy is doing the best job you can and, when surprised by job loss, launch a search for new employment. The alternative strategy is to initiate a proactive job search while employed.

I meet and speak with unemployed people every week who are not happy about being unemployed. For some, it can take quite a toll. I want you to experience as little of such negative impacts as possible. Making more proactive job changes can help.

Here are some times to consider starting up a proactive search:

– You don’t get along with your boss and you don’t see this changing in the future

– You don’t like your job and don’t see any near-term positive opportunity for change

– You are underpaid, undervalued, or disrespected

– Others around you are losing their jobs, but you are being told you are “safe”

– There isn’t any opportunity for advancement or personal growth

Do any of these remind you of your current employment situation? If so, then I encourage you to think seriously about launching a confidential job search. I did it several times in my career and I can tell you it was an empowering feeling to be able to tell my boss that I had a better offer I couldn’t refuse.

And making more money working for a better boss and/or company felt even better! If 2015 is your year to make your next move, then I wish you the best.

Richard Kirby, CMC, Atlanta Premier Executive Career Consultant

Atlanta executive career consultant Richard Kirby of Executive Impact has over 12 years of successful experience mentoring professionals and executives through successful career transitions and life-changing job searches. His methodical career change programs start with career assessment testing, followed by career options identification and analysis that defines short-term and long-term career goals. Testing and analysis form the foundation for subsequent resume writing, career marketing plans, networking strategies, and job interview enhancements. To learn key strategies for proper career planning, grab a free excerpt from his eBook Fast Track Your Job Search (and Career!)

Richard Kirby – who has written posts on Executive Impact.

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