Two Interviews Regarding Career Strategies and Hiring

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The “Big 4” Job Seeker Time Wasters

WARNING: Don’t follow the crowd and sink too much of your time and money into these classic time wasters:

  • Rewriting your resume over and over again, based on amateur advice
  • Going back to school, consuming $$$$ education, to avoid your issues or hoping this is a magic solution
  • Attending group networking meetings, especially job seeker groups, and meeting strangers
  • Applying for posted jobs and waiting for the phone to ring

Time for a Career Consultant?

Have you ever considered getting professional career help? CLICK HERE for an article on this topic.

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Interview Preparation

Want free advice to prepare for future job interviews? We invite you to join Richard in The Interview Room at Roswell United Methodist Church (RUMC) Job Networking every second and fourth Monday night. This interviewing workshop runs from 7pm to 8pm. CLICK HERE FOR INFO . For an ABC News story about RUMC, CLICK HERE.

For an INTERVIEW PREPARATION EXERCISE that will help you plan for your next job interview, CLICK HERE.

Recommended Books

  • Fast Track Your Job Search (and Career!) by Richard Kirby – READ EBOOK REVIEWS HERE
  • SuperNetworking by Michael Salmon
  • How to Land Your Dream Job (skip chapters 12-15 and 40) by Jeffrey J. Fox
  • The Success Principles by Jack Canfield
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey


Need motivation? Try THIS VIDEO

Company Research Resources

Dun & Bradstreet”s MDD (best) or Reference USA at libraries
www.finance.yahoo.com on line
www.vault.com on line
www.glassdoor.com on line
www.payscale.com on line
www.salary.com on line

Niche Job Boards

CLICK HERE for a niche job boards excerpt from Richard’s book Fast Track Your Job Search (and Career!)

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